Was Mozart Murdered?

Was Mozart Murdered?

Was Mozart murdered?

Inspired by the film Amadeus, many people have heard the rumor that the great Mozart was murdered by a jealous husband in 1791.

Here are some curious facts about Mozart’s final days that are not well known, and which completely contradict the theory that Mozart was poisoned by rival composer Antonio Salieri.

It is rumored that Mozart was having an affair with Magdalena Hofdemel, a beautiful young piano student into whose home Mozart had been invited many times to play chamber music. They were family friends

Some have conjectured that Magdalena was Mozart’s true love, and that the Maestro had long before abandoned his greedy wife Constanze for the more sympathetic Magdalena.

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There is some evidence that Wolfgang and Magdalena shared weekend retreats at a country house in the Vienna woods, lent to Mozart by the producers of his opera masterpiece The Magic Flute.

But Magdalena was married to a very jealous husband named Hofdemel, and some say the excitable husband caught wind of the tryst with Herr Mozart.

Since Hofdemel was a wine merchant, he plied the avid drinker Mozart with many fine wines, and had over many years. These wines, it is said, were suddenly filled with increasing doses of a South American poison that kills slowly but is very hard to trace.

It is well known that Mozart complained of an illness in the weeks before he died, and stated many times that he thought he had been poisoned.

Most strange is the very day of Mozart’s death, for on that day Magdalena Hofdemel was stabbed almost to death by her husband Hofdemel, who then committed suicide!

Some contemporary accounts say that Magdalena came home, stricken with grief over the death of the great master, and was attacked by husband Hofdemel in a fit of jealous rage. Knowing he was also guilty of the poisoning murder of the great Mozart, Hofdemel committed suicide.

Current historians are convinced this is the true story of Mozart’s death.

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