Improvising Stickers for Downloads

Sticker sheet (blank)Our pre-printed books contain pre-printed stickers bound into each book.

If you purchase a download, we will surface mail stickers FREE anywhere in the world if requested.

Until those pre-printed stickers arrive, you can improvise stickers from various materials so you can use your downloaded book right away.

1. Use masking tape and hand-print the numbers (and letters) on the pieces of tape. Masking tape leaves very little residue, and whatever is left can easily be removed with isopropyl rubbing alcohol.

2. You can also purchase 3/4 inch round removable stickers from an Office Supply (Avery has a line of removable stickers.) Print the numbers and letters on the stickers.

Be very careful NOT to use a heavy marker like a SHARPIE. These markers have a very strong and penetrating ink, and may bleed through the sticker onto the surface of the key. Try a ballpoint pen or pencil.

Our stickers are fully removable and printed with non-toxic vegetable dyes.

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