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I CAN READ MUSIC Download is an excellent way to start reading music. All the complex steps are broken down into short, enjoyable games that are understandable and fun even for very young children.

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It is easy to respond to Piano By Number because it yields immediate results. A good start leads to further interest! You will find that you can experiment by yourself, trying the songs in the same way you would use a game or toy.

I CAN READ MUSIC printable ebook download includes: 50 page illustrated printable ebook with printable sticker template. Identical to the printed version.

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This book comes in two formats:

Download ($9.95)

Printed Book and DVD ($19.95)


I Can Read Music gives kids a visual reference point on the piano keys, and this helps children start reading music with confidence.

There was no existing piano method which began slowly and carefully enough for both kids and adult beginners. All the methods we examined either started too fast or assumed some kind of knowledge, experience or affinity with manipulating music symbols.

For the vast majority of children, this conventional type of piano method is a major obstacle.

Conventional piano lessons start children using the elements described in the drawing below, with the five horizontal lines of the musical staff above, and the piano keyboard below.

Musical staff with five lines on top, piano keyboard below.

In this drawing, there is no visual reference point on the piano keys (below the five lines.)

To a child, the piano keyboard is an ocean of white and black buttons with no apparent organization, not to mention the series of five lines (on the page, above the keyboard) which have no apparent pattern and bear no apparent relation to the confusing, different pattern of the piano keys (below.)

The child is required to relate the two complex graphic systems, an almost impossible task.

As an alternative to this confusion, look at the drawing below, where a keyboard is shown with the five lines of the staff referenced to the five blue stickers on the keys:

COMPkeyboardtostaffdiagramMiddle C is clearly marked with the red sticker, and the five lines of the musical staff are clearly denoted by the five blue stickers.

Children readily respond to this logical system, and slowly but securely start to relate the note on the page to the key on the piano.

Without visual reference points, the stickers, most children just give up and say, “This is too hard.” With the stickers, you can easily make up games that lead to confidence in relating notes on the page to keys on the piano.

I CAN READ MUSIC is the most understandable and fun introduction to reading piano music available for kids today.

Includes 50 page illustrated song book with removable sticker template.