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Our books come in three formats:

  • Downloadable printable ebooks in PDF format
  • Pre-Printed Individual Books sent via surface mail
  • Book Packages, consisting of several pre-printed books packaged together at a discount.

Download Printable eBooks

Many of our books are available as printable PDF files via instant download. All downloads are delivered in PDF format. After payment, you will be directed to a window where you may click the link and download your book(s), or you may download from the link in your confirmation email.

If you need assistance with your download, please call 914 257 6188 or email us using our contact form. If your firewall or security prevents instant download, we will be glad to send your ebook(s) via email as an attachment to any email address you designate.

Ebooks require Adobe Reader, a free software which is downloadable free here: Get Adobe Reader

Printable Ebooks

COMPtinypianoebook120x177 COMPtinybigebook120x1773.9kbCOMPtinyteachebook120x177 3.9kb

COMPtinyxmasebook120x177 3.3kbCOMPtinyclassebook120x177 3.1kbCOMPtinygamesebook120x177 3.1kb

COMPtinyhymnsebook102x177 2.8kbCOMPtinydicebook120x177 3 kbCOMPtinyreadebook120x177 2.7kb


Free Stickers Worldwide

Free stickers sent free WORLDWIDE via surface mail if requested or put your request in the ORDER NOTES box on the order form. Until your stickers arrive, you can always temporarily improvise stickers by using masking tape, which leaves little residue, or get 3/4 inch round, removable stickers from an Office Supply store, or use the Sticker Template provided on the last page of every book.

BOGO: Buy one ebook and get a second ebook of your choice absolutely free. Just put your choice of free ebook in the ORDER NOTES box of the order form, or use our contact form. Paid ebooks are delivered via instant download, free ebooks are delivered via email. Choose free ebooks here.

Buy one ebook via instant download, get one ebook free via email.

Buy two ebooks via instant download, get two more ebooks free via email.

Buy three ebooks via instant download, get three more ebooks free via email.

Buy four ebooks via instant download, get four more ebooks free via email.

Buy five ebooks via instant download, get five more ebooks free via email.

TERMS OF USE: Your purchase or reception of an ebook allows you a print license to print one copy for yourself for your own use. You are not allowed to redistribute or sell for profit. All rights reserved. Thank you!

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Printed Books Delivered by Mail

All printed books include removable stickers and free shipping in the USA plus a free copy of the 56 minute DVD from TEACH YOURSELF PIANO. Some books include Play Along CD (please look at the pictures below to see which titles include a CD.)

Standard free USA shipping is usually 4-8 days

Click on any book cover for more information

COMPtinypianoindbook120x177 3.6kb COMPtinybigindbook120x177 3.0 kbCOMPtinyteachindbook120x177 3.0kb

COMPtinyxmasindbook120x177 3.0 kbCOMPtinyclassindbook120x177 2.7kbCOMPtinygamesindbook120x177 3.0kb

COMPtinyreadindbook120x177 6kbCOMPtinydicindbook120x177 6kbCOMPtinyhymnsindbook120x177 6kb

COMPtinycountryindbook120x177 3kbCOMPtinypopindbook120x177 4kbCOMPtinypblindbook120x177 3kb

Printed Book Packages Delivered by Mail

Book packages are groups of printed books, CDs and DVD which are offered at a discount.

All book packages include removable stickers and free shipping in the USA, plus a free copy of the 56 minute DVD from TEACH YOURSELF PIANO  and a free copy of the book I CAN READ MUSIC.

Standard shipping (FREE) is usually 4-8 days (USA.)

You may substitute any title in our Book Packages. Just put your selection in the ORDER NOTES box in the order form or email us using our contact form.

Click on any book package cover for more information

COMPtinypianopack150x197 COMPtinybigpack120x197 3kb COMPtinyteachpack150x197 8kb

COMPtinypreschoolpak150x197 8kb  COMPtinymultipack150x197 8kb COMPtinyadultpak150x197 8kb

COMPtinyentirepack150x197 8kb

COMPtiny2p150x197 8kb  COMPtiny3p150x197 8kb  COMPtiny4p150x197 8kb`

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