Piano By Number Books Ship To Singapore

Our Piano By Number books ship to Singapore, but due to USA Post Office rates, the shipping is rather expensive. We charge a flat rate of $27 to Singapore, which may be reasonable if you purchase a large book package, but we realize it is prohibitive if you plan to purchase a single book.

May we suggest that you purchase a printable download? It is sent via instant download, and is easily printable anywhere in the world.

Plus we will send a set of FREE pre-printed stickers anywhere in the world. Click here for Play Along CDs and the DVD, also shipped free, worldwide.

Ebooks require Adobe Reader, a free software which is downloadable free here: Get Adobe Reader


Free stickers sent via surface mail if requested or put your request in the ORDER NOTES box on the order form. Until your stickers arrive, you can always temporarily improvise stickers by using masking tape, which leaves little residue, or get 3/4 inch round, removable stickers from an Office Supply store, or use the Sticker Template provided on the last page of every book.

BOGO: Buy one ebook and get a second ebook of your choice absolutely free. Just put your choice of free ebook in the ORDER NOTES box of the order form, or use our contact form. Paid ebooks are delivered via instant download, free ebooks are delivered via email. You may choose any ebook below as your free ebook.

Buy one ebook via instant download, get one ebook free via email.

Buy two ebooks via instant download, get two more ebooks free via email.

Buy three ebooks via instant download, get three more ebooks free via email.

Buy four ebooks via instant download, get four more ebooks free via email.

Buy five ebooks via instant download, get five more ebooks free via email.

There is no special code to enter to receive your free ebook(s.) Just put your choice of free ebook(s) in the ORDER NOTES box in the order form, or use our contact form to tell us of your choice.

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