Patriotic Songs

Patriotic Songs by Number
Patriotic Songs: Print Version includes DVD

In Patriotic Songs By Number 18 of the best known patriotic songs are presented in the Piano by Number format.

You’ll find classics like Stars and Stripes and America the Beautiful plus many more!

Some of the classic marches went on to TV fame, such as the Liberty Bell March, which became the theme to the Monty Python Flying Circus TV show!

From Hail To The Chief to Battle Hymn of the Republic, they’ll know you are in charge with this fun list of easy to play Piano By Number songs!

Each song includes both the black and white keys of the piano, a slightly more complex arrangement than our beginning books. Complete, easy-to-follow directions are included.

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Plus, each song includes symbols for chords (such as A, or F) which are groups of three keys played with the left hand. Included also is the 56 minute DVD from TEACH YOURSELF PIANO, which includes quick reference to all the chords you’ll need to play.

Here’s a list of the rousing patriotic songs you can play right away. No musical experience is required to enjoy playing these stirring songs on your piano or electronic keyboard.


Battle Hymn of the Republic

Hail to the Chief

Star Spangled Banner


Tramp, Tramp, Tramp, the Boys Are Marching

Yankee Doodle

Marine’s Hymn

Anchors Aweigh

Army Song

Columbia, Gem of the Ocean


Hail, Columbia

Liberty Bell March

My Country ‘Tis of Thee

Stars and Stripes Forever

This Land Is Your Land

When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again

Patriotic Songs by Number
Patriotic Songs: Print Version includes DVD


Includes 73 page illustrated pre-printed Book, removable stickers, and 56 Minute DVD


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