Old MacDonald

Old MacDonald Had A Farm
Old MacDonald

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It is about farmer MacDonald and the many animals he has on his farm. Each verse changes the animal and sound.

Some versions are cumulative, with the animal sounds from the earlier verses added to the next verse.

Here are earlier versions and variations: there are hundreds of existing versions of the lyrics, dating back to the 1850’s.


Old Macdougal had a farm in Ohio-i-o,
And on that farm he had some dogs in Ohio-i-o,
With a bow-wow here, and a bow-wow there,
Here a bow, there a wow, everywhere a bow-wow.

Old Missouri had a mule, he-hi-he-hi-ho,
And on this mule there were two ears, he-hi-he-hi-ho.
With a flip-flop here and a flip-flop there,
And here a flop and there a flop and everywhere a flip-flop
Old Missouri had a mule, he-hi-he-hi-ho.

Here are two early English versions:

Up was I on my father’s farm
On a May day morning early;
Feeding of my father’s cows
On a May day morning early,
With a moo moo here and a moo moo there,
Here a moo, there a moo, Here a pret-ty moo.
Six pretty maids come and gang along o’ me
To the merry green fields of the farmyard.

In the Fields in Frost and Snows,
Watching late and early;
There I keep my Father’s Cows,
There I Milk ’em Yearly:
Booing here, Booing there,
Here a Boo, there a Boo, every where a Boo,
We defy all Care and Strife,
In a Charming Country Life.

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