Is Piano Learning Software Useful?

Is Piano Learning Software Useful?

Piano learning software is a scam that never benefits kids, only the manufacturer and the dealer. It is dreamed up by the people that make up state tests.

It’s like asking me if I’d rather fly to my destination, or just pretend to travel in a computer mockup. If I’m actually trying to get somewhere, a computer simulation is of little use.

It’s the same with the piano. No piano software I’ve ever seen compares to the experience of sitting at a real keyboard and using one’s mind to solve musical problems.

Great for the school system, great for getting tax dollars, not so good for the kids. Anyone who thinks school districts have the best interests of the children at heart is quite deluded: American schools exist to cycle government grant dollars into the pockets of administrators and contractors, who have no contact with kids.

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It is estimated that only 10% of the money spent on education is actually spent on the child: the rest goes to the school administrators’ $250,000 a year salary, testing, useless building contracts awarded to the favored friends of the administrators, the contractors, and phony learning software. It all looks good on paper, but kids remain uneducated by this foolish system.

Piano learning software sounds good to the inexperienced parent, but the inevitable result is boredom. Why?

Piano learning software always results in boredom because the most you can do with it has already been built in. You follow the course, like a video game, but then where do you go?

Big Book of Songs By MailOnce you get to “level ten” of the software, you’ll find yourself no better prepared for a real piano than you were before you started the software.

Of course, piano software is attractive to parents and kids addicted to computers and video devices. The software marketing will point out that you have no piano and no teacher, so where else will you go to try the piano?

I’ll tell you where: to the closest piano or inexpensive keyboard.

The piano keyboard, unlike pre-arranged software, has no limitations, and a child can see that immediately. The freedom from limitations that comes from the ‘blank” keyboard is both exhilarating and frightening.

In fact, it is this “blankness” of the real piano that is responsible for the piano being such an admirable teaching instrument: you can make it as easy or as difficult as you want. With software, you can only make it do what it is prepared to do, no more, no less.

Here’s the rub: if you start a child with reading music, 90% will fail, that is simply an historical statistic.

That is why I invented Piano By Number. It is the crucial step that has been left out of a child’s piano journey. And statistics show that if you start your child with a child-friendly method like Piano By Number, you stand a far higher chance of success.

Of course, if you can, just go get a great piano teacher and a real piano.

But you will soon find there are far more real pianos than good children’s piano teachers.

And without the right teacher, you are better off waiting until you can find one.

Far more important than the instrument or method is the teacher.

You’ll never convince me that a computer is a better piano teacher than a sympathetic human.

Piano software is a product that appears to offer a good value, but in the end is rejected roundly by the very kids it is designed for due to one inherent flaw: boredom.

Ultimately, either the computer plays you, or you play the piano.

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