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Piano Funhouse Home contains online games for kids.

The Piano Funhouse is an online tool to help your child start learning the abstract concepts (up/down, left/right, short/long, twos/threes, etc.,) that are the basis of musical construction. Depending on their age, certain concepts may already be obvious to them. The younger the child, the less control they have over these essential ideas.

Before you start, do you know your left from right? If not, please start with our WARM UP GAME.

Warm up game


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These games may play better on a desktop device rather than a mobile device. If you are experiencing difficulty with the games, please try them on a desktop or laptop device, or try one of our Free Mobile Apps below.

Free Piano By Number mobile apps for Apple and Android

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Note: if you’re looking for our ONLINE PIANO, where you can play songs (not games) on our online piano, please click here.

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 Can you guess the name after you play it? (Click here for the answer.)

| 1 1 5 5 | 6  6  5  * | 4 4 3 3 |  2  2  1  * |

If you have difficulty with our online piano on a mobile device, please try on a desktop or laptop.


Our online games in the PIANO FUNHOUSE are designed for beginners without musical experience. Playing the online games will familiarize you with the visual patterns of the piano keyboard. Use your mouse (or finger on a touch screen) to click on the piano keyboard. There is sound in some of the games. Other games are purely visual.

To get started look at the top of the page and choose a level. The levels are dependent first on the child’s knowledge of “left and right” so if your child is not certain of the left/right concept, play the WARM UP GAME first.

Once your child is familiar with LEFT/RIGHT, try the section on PIANO BY NUMBER GAMES where you can begin learning the skills necessary to learn piano. You should try these Piano By Number games before going on to the MUSIC READING GAMES section.

The MUSIC READING GAMES section will help you start to build the skills necessary to begin reading music. We highly recommend that you try the preparatory PIANO BY NUMBER GAMES before going on to MUSIC READING GAMES.

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