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Now you can play the great country songs we all love, using the fun Piano by Number method. No musical experience is required to get started.

All melodies are played by the right hand, and are expressed in numbers so there is no need to read music.

In popular and country music, there is a style of piano playing called “singer-songwriter” style, and that is the accepted format for all popular and country music at the piano, with the melody in the right hand (the numbers) and the chords (groups of three keys) in the left hand.

COUNTRY CLASSICS BY NUMBER gives you “chord symbols” which tell you which groups of keys to play with the left hand. In addition, we give you a “simple” version of the chords, suitable for a beginner who cannot read music, plus a “complex” version of each song’s chords, so that you can learn how to play the more complex chords that are typical of many pop songs.

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Beginners are advised to get started with COUNTRY CLASSICS BY NUMBER, and start playing satisfying versions of theresizedflashkb320x139 world’s most famous songs, using the simple chords provided. The simple chords, suited for beginners, are shown on an easy-to-follow chart that follows each song, so all you have to do to find a chord is turn the page. No searching for references to the simple chords!

Here’s how it works: below you’ll see a bit of a song with the chord symbols above (the letters) and the melody (the numbers) below.


You can use the songs in several ways:

Play the numbers (the melody) alone, and forget the chords for the present. It’s always wise to learn the melody alone first.
2. Use the large letters (C, Bm, and E in the above example) and play those “simple chords” with the left hand. You’ll find quick reference to the simple chords in the pages directly following each song (see drawing below which shows the Bm chord) ) so you will never be hunting down a new or unfamiliar chord hundreds of pages away as it is with all other chord dictionaries.

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All you need to play each song is printed on a group of easy to find consecutive pages directly following the song, not hidden away in some appendix at the end of the book. Here is a screen shot of the Bm chord, found on the pages directly following the songs. No need to read music! All references are to numbered keys.


Country Classics Book By Mail


Includes 81 page illustrated COUNTRY CLASSICS book with 14 songs, DVD from TEACH YOURSELF PIANO and removable stickers plus FREE USA shipping.

Book, DVD and removable stickers $24.95

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Country Classics by Number contains the following songs with both simple and complex chord symbols:

I Fall To Pieces
Love Me Tender
Your Cheating Heart
Stand By Your Man
Always On My Mind
El Paso
Ring of Fire
I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry
Make The World Go Away
He’ll Have To Go
Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain
I Walk The Line
All I Have To Do Is Dream


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