Piano By Number

Piano Is Easy from the Piano By Number Series

Piano By Number is a breakthrough in music education that makes starting the piano fun for kids.

Put the numbered stickers on the keys and you’re ready to go.

Kid’s piano should be fun, especially in the beginning!

When you’re comfortable with the piano using Piano By Number, you’re ready to read music.

Developed by Emmy Award Winner and leading children’s music educator John Aschenbrenner, this method consistently delivers better results in preparing children for piano lessons.

It’s kid tested, and they love it!


Conventional piano methods start kids too quickly, leading most children to quit piano lessons.

Kids don’t quit piano because they aren’t smart enough, they quit because they are not properly prepared for reading music.

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We’ve found this failure can be prevented by starting children playing Piano By Number at home.

Kids then make a slow and smooth transition to reading music using our fun activity book, I Can Read Music. This remarkable educational tool makes reading music fun for children.

By giving kids a visual reference point on the piano keys (the stickers) I Can Read Music prevents confusion and promotes enthusiasm when kids are first starting to read music.



Why not get started playing piano today? Research studies agree that piano lessons are an essential part of an enriched early childhood education, producing a 40% rise in math scores, as well as improvements in handwriting, English, and other subjects.

The piano is the first place many kids start solving abstract problems, and learn how to work through a task happily.Numbered Keyboard for Songs


Put the numbered stickers on your piano, and you’re ready to play.

Like bicycle training wheels, the numbered, removable stickers are removed when kids feel more confident with the geography of the piano.

It’s a great way to introduce children to the piano! Click here to view sample pages.

Boys playing the piano


Any child who can count to ten will be able to enjoy and play the songs.

Like bicycle training wheels, the numbered, removable stickers are removed when kids feel more confident and have started to use all their fingers.

It’s much easier to start reading music if you can already navigate the piano keyboard.

It’s the easiest way to get kids started playing piano!


Just as you taught the letters of the alphabet, you can prepare children for piano lessons by letting them explore the piano free from the limitations of reading music.

Start slowly and easily, enjoying familiar songs in a simplified language until kids are ready for more complex tasks.

The younger the child, the more they need the simplified language of Piano By Number.

Making it simple in the beginning leads to enthusiasm, and enjoyment is the key to a good start.

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