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Teach Yourself PianoTeach Yourself Piano is an overview of the entire Piano By Number system and goes into more detail than any of our child-oriented books. It is more of a textbook than a songbook, although many songs are included as demonstrations of the music theory involved.

As always, no musical training or experience is required to get started.

There are four broad areas that this fun volume addresses:

  • Playing melodies by number with the right hand.
  • Learning how to find and manage the black keys, “flats and sharps.”
  • How to play all the twelve basic major and minor chords with the left hand.
  • Playing with both hands, the melody in the right hand, the “chords” in the left.

Once you have attempted the above four skills, you are in a far better position to succeed at reading music.

This is the most basic approach to learning the rudiments of the piano, known worldwide as “singer-songwriter style” or in classical terms, “keyboard harmony.”

Teach Yourself Piano is a Piano By Number book designed for older children and the adult who wants to learn piano on their own.

Many parents use this book and DVD to teach themselves Piano by Number and chords, which they later teach to their children.

Most “teach yourself” piano books such as “Piano for Dummies” or “Play Piano in a Flash” go much too quickly for the average beginner, even adults, but the Piano by Number method is just right for older children and adults, as well as the youngest of children. Everything is explained and illustrated without reference to musical notation, and no knowledge on your part is assumed.

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Piano by Number is easy to pick up entirely in a few minutes, and requires no special music reading skills to
enjoy. Click here to try it online.

In Piano by Number, you’ll put numbered stickers on your piano and then play familiar songs like Jingle Bells immediately.  Anyone can do it!

Then you’ll learn to play simple piano chords, (three piano keys played with the left hand) step by step, until you’re able to play dozens of songs with both hands.

In this course, you slowly expand your expertise until you can play much more complicated and satisfying songs.

Many aspects of learning the piano are visual. Because almost all beginning piano methods rely on reading music rather than simple visual common sense, beginners often get frustrated.

Sample Page Teach Yourself PianoMany piano methods seem friendly at first, but as soon as you start you realize that will have to become comfortable with reading music very quickly to follow the course. Anyone who has trouble reading music fluently may be lost immediately. What if there were a piano method that didn’t initially require you to read music to begin playing songs and enjoying music at the piano? That’s what Piano by Number is.

We’ve found that a “visual” method works best at first, with both adults and kids, reserving reading music for later when you are more comfortable with the physical layout of the piano.

Teach Yourself Piano is a simple, foolproof beginner’s piano method that uses numbers and video to get you started playing piano with both hands, very quickly and with no frustration at all.

After you’ve learned to play right-hand melodies using Piano by Number, you’ll learn the basics of “chords,” which are groups of three keys played usually by the left hand.

There’s no need to read music at all as you begin your exploration of the piano and music theory.

Everything you learn in Piano by Number will be useful later when you start to read music.

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designpax1The easy-to-follow format is put into lesson form, and the curriculum goes very slowly so that you can control your flow of learning.

There’s a convenient checklist with this assurance: if you understand the current lesson, you are definitely ready for the next one.

Since piano is a group of steps one must take to begin to play, it is important to have confidence in the path you are taking, and to follow each step until you are ready for the next.

It’s easy!


Every order of TEACH YOURSELF PIANO also includes the 56 minute DVD video from TEACH YOURSELF PIANO plus removable stickers and FREE shipping in the USA. This video will have you playing chords (three piano keys played with the left hand) and fun, familiar songs with both hands right away. COMPteachindbook300x300



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(You can also purchase an instant download of TEACH YOURSELF PIANO for $9.95.)

TEACH YOURSELF PIANO is a textbook rather than simply a song book, going into more detail than any of our books, and contains the songs below, including chord symbols (chords are groups of three keys that you play with your left hand.)

TEACH YOURSELF is an overview of the entire Piano by Number system, starting with playing on the white keys, then moving on to sharps and flats (the black keys) and shows you in simple language and graphic aids how to play all twelve chords in both major and minor forms, making it easy to play with both hands, melody (numbers) in the right hand and chords in the left hand.

TEACH YOURSELF PIANO DVD is a 56 minute visual realization of the book, covering exactly the same material in video form.

TEACH YOURSELF PIANO includes the following songs:

Twinkle Twinkle

Jingle Bells

London Bridge

Mary Had A Little Lamb

Camptown Races

Can Can

A Tisket A Tasket

Beethoven’s Ninth


Saints Go Marching In

On Top of Old Smokey

Blow the Man Down


Star Spangled Banner

Beautiful Dreamer

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Anchors Aweigh

River Kwai

Aura Lee

Abide with Me

I’ve Been Working on the Railroad

Danny Boy

The Bear Went Over the Mountain

Amazing Grace

Pathetique Symphony

Skater’s Waltz


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