Star Wars

Star WarsPlay Star Wars on our online piano. A space drama in operatic style, it shows a galaxy in the past, and the battle of good and evil.

Star Wars was released in 1977 and became a pop phenomenon. Followed by two sequels, a  prequel trilogy of films was later released.

All six films were nominated for or won Academy Awards, and the overall revenue totals $4.34 billion.

Composer John Williams was once pianist in Henry Mancini’s dance orchestra. Few people know that the theme actually has lyrics.

Many have criticized the film as having thinly disguised, low brow Wagnerian stylistic similarities, but supporters say that the style is an “homage” to the grand opera style.

The main theme is unique in its simplicity, consisting of only five tones, but creating an epic effect through orchestration and arrangement.

Here are some of the original lyrics, heard in the distance on certain portions of the soundtrack:

Korah matah korah rahtahmah
Korah rahtahmah yoodah korah
Korah syahdho rahtahmah daanyah
Korah keelah daanyah
Nyohah keelah korah rahtahmah
Syadho keelah korah rahtahmah
Korah daanya korah rahtahmah
Korah daanya korah rahtahmah
Nyohah keelah korah rahtahmah
Syadho keelah korah rahtahmah
Korah matah korah rahtahmah
Korah daanya korah rahtahmah
Nyohah keelah korah rahtahmah
Syadho keelah korah rahtahmah
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|1***** | 5 ** 432|8*****| 5 ** 432|8*****|5 **434|2*****|

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The song above, Star Wars, has been shortened to fit on mobile device screens. Our books number the right hand keys up to #17 in some cases, (depending on the book) and also have stickers for the left hand, (depending on the book) which, due to the limitations of space are not included in the above animation. Our books contain complete, unedited, unabridged songs.

Using your computer’s mouse, or your finger with a touch-screen device, you can easily get the idea of Piano by Number. Just click on the white key with the number that corresponds to the numbers of the song above, Star Wars.

Children readily embrace Piano by Number because it yields immediate results. A child’s piano lesson should be fun, rather than filled with drudgery, and PIANO BY NUMBER helps make that possible.

Also note that the asterix (*) is used to denote space or silence in the music, but as a beginner, you may ignore the asterix.


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