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Piano Is Easy is the best way to get kids happily engaged with the piano.

Below is a pair of sample pages from PIANO IS EASY

Click here to see sample pages from I CAN READ MUSIC

Here is a sample page from Piano Is Easy.Every song includes lyrics.

Click to play Piano by Number with your computer's mouse.

Above you'll find sample pages from PIANO IS EASY, and below it a picture of how your piano will look after you apply the 12 removable, numbered stickers. 

Children need a visual reference point on the piano, which our stickers provide, and we've found that having this reference point generates enthusiasm and confidence, which makes children enjoy the piano experience from the very beginning.

There are also many more songs that your children can try on our website to get the idea of PIANO BY NUMBER:

Click Here to Play Piano by Number Online Using Your Computer's Mouse!

Instructions and Stickers

Easy to follow instructions for installing the removable stickers on your piano are included with each of our fun children's piano books. 

Every order includes removable stickers for your piano. If you need more, we'll be glad to send extra stickers free of charge. 

Illustrations and Binding

Each 8.5 by 11 inch book is sturdily bound with a comb binding that will lay flat on your piano music stand.

The color cover and the color back cover are frames for hundreds of classic line drawings that illustrate the theme of each song (many from the famed Dover Library) giving this book a "Currier and Ives" look and feel. 

Children love pictures, and our books are designed to be attractive and fun.

THE CHRISTMAS CAROL KIT is illustrated in a similar style, and is identical in format to PIANO IS EASY except that there are different songs and illustrations. 



The lyrics to each of the songs in PIANO IS EASY (50 songs) and THE CHRISTMAS CAROL KIT (44 songs) are displayed on the facing page (see above). 

This makes it easy to play and sing along to the songs, which children enjoy.  

Click here for a list of songs in each fun "Children's Piano by Number" book.

Recommended age for children

Piano by number is appropriate for any child who can count to ten and is able to identify the written numbers. 

Children as young as four should be able to play the songs. Try Piano by Number now on our online piano! 

What is "piano by number?"

Sheet music uses five horizontal lines and small circles to tell you which piano keys to push. Many find this confusing at first, especially children. Read more about this. 

Playing "piano by number" is a temporary system devised to give a quick, enjoyable start to piano lessons, just like training wheels on a bicycle. 

You put numbered stickers on your piano keys and then play familiar songs right away. 

Piano by number will later be discarded when the child feels comfortable making music at the piano and is ready to start reading music. 

See I CAN READ MUSIC to find out how our method starts children reading music.

Reading Music

Children start reading sheet music a little later in this method, using our book I CAN READ MUSIC, after they have gained confidence playing familiar songs by number, using a book such as PIANO IS EASY. 

Every book package order includes a copy of I CAN READ MUSIC.

I CAN READ MUSIC is the perfect way for kids to make a smooth transition from the ease of numbers to the difficulties of reading music. 

PIANO IS EASY includes a 107 page song book with 44 songs. It is identical to the print version.

PIANO IS EASY DOWNLOAD wcs018DL $9.95 Includes download of printable 120 page illustrated song book with 50 songs in Adobe PDF format plus printable stickers. Identical to the printed version

Click to purchase Piano Is Easy Download

Download and print any kids piano by number book.

Stickers on my piano?

You wouldn't think of removing the letters and numbers on your computer keyboard or telephone, would you? 

Children need a visual reference point, which the removable stickers provide in the beginning.

The removable stickers on your piano help your child learn the geography of the piano, and are easily discarded later. 

Stickers also provide a quick and fun start to piano lessons, so that the child is enthusiastic right from the beginning. 

It's easier to build on enthusiasm than frustration. 

Remember your piano lessons as a child? Most people experienced intense frustration as a child trying to start piano.

Like training wheels on a bicycle, the numbered stickers will be removed when your child feels confident with the piano and can play familiar songs like Jingle Bells, Wheels on the Bus, I'm A Little Teapot and other songs that they have heard and remember. 

The stickers will not damage plastic or ivory keys in any way, and are easily and completely removable. No residue remains when they are removed.  

Adults should help apply the removable stickers to make sure the installation is correct, according to the easy-to-follow directions in each book. 

Kids love stickers, and we've included lots of extra stickers. 

Is piano by number a good choice as a music learning tool?

Playing piano by number is an excellent first choice because most children find conventional piano methods (sheet music) far too tedious to start with. 

It's important to get a good start that children find fun, or you risk frustration. 

Difficulties with conventional piano methods cause a slow, frustrating start, and, in almost all cases, most students later quit altogether. Read more about this. 

But the children are right: there ought to be a better way to start playing piano, and now there is!

Make sure a child's first experience at the piano is a happy one.

Piano by number is like phonics for reading

Here's why the old way of getting children started playing piano has poor results at best: playing piano by number is easy and instantly understandable, very much like speaking to a child. 

Reading even the simplest sheet music is very much like writing words to a child, a more complex task reserved, logically, for a child's later learning years. 

You don't ask a child to start writing "Momma," you let them say it first. And then later the child learns letters, then words, then sentences. 

In short, conventional piano methods ask far too much too soon, and the child cannot learn at their own pace. Read more about this.

Think of playing piano by number as a set of training wheels on your child's bicycle: it's something to get you going, and will be discarded later for a more complicated system when the child feels comfortable.

Click Here to Play Piano by Number Online Using Your Computer's Mouse!

Click here to read the entire tutorial HOW TO TEACH YOUR CHILD TO READ MUSIC

Get a good start!

The objective of using piano by number at first is to ensure a successful start at piano study. 

Students initially taught piano by number make a smooth transition to reading sheet music because, in their words, "playing notes (reading music) is just like playing by number, only different."

Why is this method different?

Our books are designed to provide kids with preparation for piano lessons, a fun process children can do at home, before they start regular piano lessons.

Conventional piano methods start children reading music far too quickly, causing early frustration and eventually leading most kids to quit.

We've found this failure can be prevented by starting your child playing piano "by number" at home, and then making a slow, smooth transition to reading music using our book, I CAN READ MUSIC!  

This "Fun Method" has proven results, turning children into happy, interested experimenters who enjoy tinkering with the piano. 

PIANO IS EASY is available in several formats:

PIANO IS EASY DOWNLOAD Printable PDF delivered via instant download

PIANO IS EASY INDIVIDUAL PRINT COPY 120 page illustrated book with Play Along Audio CD delivered via surface mail with free shipping in USA

PIANO IS EASY BOOK PACKAGE 120 page illustrated book with Play Along Audio CD PLUS I CAN READ MUSIC book with DVD delivered via surface mail with free shipping in USA

Piano Is Easy Book Package


PIANO IS EASY (ISBN # 0-9718936-1-6) Sturdily bound, durable, colorful 120 page illustrated song book with 50 songs such as Jingle Bells and London Bridge, Play Along Audio CD and removable numbered stickers. 

Every book package order of PIANO IS EASY includes a copy of I CAN READ MUSIC. This fun, easy-to-understand music activity book is the best way to start children reading music. Click here for sample pages.

Every book package order of PIANO IS EASY includes a FREE copy of the 56 minute DVD video from TEACH YOURSELF PIANO. This video will have you playing chords (three piano keys played with the left hand) and fun, familiar songs with both hands right away. That's a $16.95 value free!


Click here for a list of songs.    Click here for sample pages.


 PIANO IS EASY book package includes a 120 page song book with 50 songs and removable stickers, plus a Play Along Audio CD, free DVD and copy of the book  I CAN READ MUSIC.

Teach your child piano at home.


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