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Easy Classical PianoEasy Classical Piano offers the great masterpieces of classical music in easy to read Piano By Number format! Here’s the perfect follow-up to all your Piano By Number explorations.

This unique piano method volume contains timeless masterpieces such as Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata,” Bach’s “Prelude #1,” Beethoven’s “Fur Elise,” Mozart’s “Rondo Alla Turca,” and Rossini’s immortal “William Tell Overture,” more popularly known as the theme to TV’s LONE RANGER. Sit down and explore the great masterpieces of classical music, all in easy to read “piano by number” format.

Plus we include a 29 minute PLAY ALONG AUDIO CD performed by Emmy Award winning pianist and composer John Aschenbrenner. This CD includes all the selections in the book in two formats, performance and practice, so you can hear what the piece sounds like, and then practice by playing along at a slower speed until you are ready for the real tempo.

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It’s a fun, low pressure piano method that will familiarize you with some of the greatest masterpieces of classical music. No special musical skills of any kind are required to enjoy playing classical piano.

It’s easy to get started with “piano by number” because it yields immediate results.

Easy Classical Piano Sample PageHere’s  a sample page from EASY CLASSICAL PIANO BY NUMBER. It differs slightly from the online piano on which you can play a bit of the song online. The online version is necessarily simplified to fit the small keyboard available online.

This book includes indications for both hands, (RH for right hand, LH for left hand) and is more complex than any of our other books, but in this book you are learning much more complex music.

First of all, you’ll note that there are indications for “fingers,” which means that you’ll need to assign numbers to your fingers, as all pianists do, in order to navigate more complicated music. Fingering is one of the most important elements in learning piano music of this more difficult type.

Thumbs are numbered 1, then index fingers are numbered 2, until all the fingers have been numbered, the last being the little finger, which is numbered 5.

The finger indications are only a suggestion of what you should use: we suggest that you first try the piece many times using any fingers, until you get the idea. Then, when you have familiarized yourself with the notes, you will want to start using the fingering. Remember, learning piano really contains three stages: 1: learn the notes: 2: learn the fingering; 3: learn the rhythm, or timing.

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You’ll also see indications for stickers that don’t appear in our other books, such as the 7 (underlined seven) seen above. In fact, this book requires more stickers in order to play the more complex music. The additional stickers are added to the stickers you’ve already applied using any of our other books. Complete directions and stickers are included.

It’s easy to apply the stickers to your piano or electronic keyboard, and we include full, easy to understand directions for doing this. You’ll be learning piano from the great masterpieces of classical music, right away, and with no special musical skills of any kind required.
Also note that each bar (or square) of music is numbered (the numbers inside the square boxes) for easy reference to the extensive notes and commentary which are provided to guide you as you learn the music.

designpax1The music of Bach’s Prelude #1 is presented exactly as it appears in sheet music versions, that is, nothing has been simplified or altered or arranged.

You will play the exact notes of the entire piece that Bach wrote 250 years ago! Some of the more complex pieces have been simplified slightly to put them within your reach, but many appear in their original form. It’s a great way to get started learning piano!

The pieces presented in Easy Classical Piano By Number are generally introduced when students have at least gotten acquainted with several basic areas:

1. Piano pieces by number on the white keys (There is a section included in Easy Classical Piano By Number to teach you this.)

2. Black keys of the piano (sharps and flats) (There is a section included in EASY CLASSICAL PIANO BY NUMBER to teach you this.)

Here’s a list of titles in EASY CLASSICAL PIANO:

J. S. Bach: PRELUDE #1 IN C


Beethoven: FUR ELISE

J. S. Bach: MINUET







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Every order of EASY CLASSICAL PIANO includes a Play Along CD plus a copy of the 56 minute DVD video from TEACH YOURSELF PIANO, plus removable stickers and FREE shipping in the USA. This video will have you playing chords (three piano keys played with the left hand) and fun, familiar songs with both hands right away.


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