Adult Piano Package

Adult Piano Package

The Adult Piano Package has everything an adult or older child needs to begin an exploration of the piano, using both hands, chords and Piano By Number.

Included are four illustrated books and a 56 minute DVD. You may substitute any title to create the package of books you like.

All books use the friendly Piano By Number system and require no knowledge of note reading to get started playing fun, familiar songs right away.

Eventually you may want to try reading music so we include I Can Read Music in the package, but you may substitute any book title.

Lower down on this page are some suggestions of other titles that are appropriate to the adult beginner.

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Adult Piano Book PackageTEACH YOURSELF PIANO STEP BY STEP: 133 page illustrated book with 56 minute DVD will teach you how to play simple songs, graduating to songs that include the black keys (flats and sharps) and finally “chords,” which are groups of three keys played with the left hand.

THE BIG BOOK OF SONGS BY NUMBER: The largest collection of PIANO BY NUMBER songs anywhere! 134 songs, 150 pages, with chord indications for all songs. You’ll be playing with both hands right away.  Click here for a list of songs.

PIANO CHORD DICTIONARY: An exhaustive, easy to follow dictionary of every chord you will ever need to play all contemporary pop music. Includes chord substitutions and simple diagrams using PIANO BY NUMBER. No more hunting for a chord for a song, even if you don’t read music.

I CAN READ MUSIC: After you’ve gotten started playing PIANO BY NUMBER, you should try reading music. I CAN READ MUSIC is the easiest to follow introduction to reading music available today. We break the visual elements of musical notation into easy to grasp bits that anyone can understand.

NOTE: YOU MAY SUBSTITUTE TITLES IN THIS PACKAGE. (Please see the pictures below.) For example, if you want EASY CLASSICAL  or any other title instead of, for example, I CAN READ MUSIC, just indicate that in the ORDER NOTES section of the  order form during the online order process, or email us with your selection using our contact form.

4 Books and DVD $59.95


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You can also purchase individual books for $24.95

You can also purchase downloadable versions of all the books in the Adult Piano Package: total cost $19.90 (Buy 2 @ $9.95 each, get 2 more free.)

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Pictured below are the six Piano By Number books which are most often ordered by adults. All are excellent introductions to the subject of piano that require no previous knowledge of music theory, and do not depend upon reading music.

Teach Yourself Piano Big Book of Songs

Country ClassicsPop Songs By Number

Easy Classical Book By Mail

Favorite Hymns by Number Book By Mail










Playing the piano is one of the most rewarding hobbies you can have.

Trying your favorite songs the piano is a very satisfying pastime and a great hobby that you can pursue with very little expense.

Even the simplest song can be fascinating to play around with if you have the proper tools.

Four Book PackageAnd the tool we’re talking about is not the piano itself, but your musical and intellectual ability to manipulate a song.

The hard part, at the beginning, is to find a musical “language” you are comfortable with and can manipulate easily.

The downfall of every adult starter piano method is that the “language” is too complex for even a committed adult to decipher, much less have fun with.

Unless you’re enjoying your exploration of the piano, your experience will not be long enough to learn what you set out to learn. You have to resolve to be infinitely patient, and then be prepared to savor each tiny triumph of mind and finger.

It is not the inherent difficulty of the piano that dissuades adults, but the language and format in which those difficulties are initially presented.

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There are many benefits of starting (or restarting) piano as an adult hobby:

1. It is easier to understand the intellectual side of music theory as an adult. Your fingers are also much stronger than they were as a child.

2. Aside from the initial expense of an instrument, it is a very cheap hobby. There is almost nothing to buy except sheet music, which can be gotten online practically free or at the library.

3. It is a hobby that you can pursue entirely alone, or with others.

There are many adults who have adopted the piano as a casual hobby, playing only for themselves and their own standard.

So find a piano method that appeals to you. If our piano method appeals to you, so be it. If not, find another piano method that seems like something you can enjoy at the beginning. You can always change methods and teachers, or mix them to suit your needs.

Any piano method (or combination thereof) is valid, if it makes you play a song on the piano, and leaves you hungry for more.

Learn by eye, by finger, by Homeric oral tradition, by ear, by number, by note, by rote, by color, by animal, by any method you can find, but pick up your fingers and give it a try.

Properly presented, it is easier than you think to get started playing the piano.

You’ll be surprised how easy it is to pick out a song on the piano, and then to do more with that little bit.

Try a piano method.

If you don’t like that piano method, discard it and try another.

If you don’t like the method, the method is wrong for you.

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